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Clean, chilled, affordable and delicious water for the whole family to enjoy! From just $1.10 a day, choose from an unlimited supply of filtered water directly from your tap, or conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and hello to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

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Since 1989, Just Water has been leading the way in supporting thousands of New Zealand businesses by providing tailored water solutions, from water coolers, to fountains, to underbench solutions and more. Our premium-grade filtration system removes chlorine, bad taste and odours, chemicals and sediments, leaving only crystal clear spring-like drinking water.

WINTER PROMOTION: Get up to 6-months free rental on new contracts*
*Terms & Conditions Apply

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Just Water At Home

Winter Promotion: Just Water At Home

Get fresh, filtered water in your home from $1.10 per day. Plus, get 1-month free rental when you sign up today!


Winter Promotion: Get Water At Work

Since 1989, Just Water has been leading the way in supporting thousands of New Zealand businesses by providing clean, refreshing, easily accessible filtered water. Plus get up to 6-months free rental when you sign up today!

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The Just Water Difference

Why choose Just Water? We’re the dedicated water specialists – we have everything you need to stay hydrated at home, at work, in the office and at leisure.

Dedicated to high quality service

Dedicated to high quality service

Since 1989, we’ve delivered exceptional service at competitive pricing to thousands of satisfied customers.

Choice & control

Choice & control

New Zealand’s largest range of chilled and boiling water systems, with solutions to fit all needs and budgets.

Quality & safety

Quality & safety

We guarantee clean, safe, purified drinking water from our local water bottling plants and mineral-rich artesian sources.

Refill not landfill

Refill not landfill

Looking after the people of New Zealand and our planet with convenient alternatives to single use plastic.

A healthy twist

A healthy twist

Keep in tip top shape, with endless, delicious filtered water on tap – a refreshing break from sugary soft drinks.


Worry-free water

If you’ve got a problem, we’ll solve it. Our trained service team is ready to fix any faults, keeping everything flowing.

“We chose Just Water for two reasons: Firstly, the ability to provide us with nationwide services, and secondly, their DrinkSafe programme which provides us with a consistent standard across all sites.” 

Virginia Duncan, Procurement Category Administrator at Fonterra

"Recently we decided that as part of our continued move towards environmental care and sustainability, to try Just Water's environmental cups. They're fully biodegradable and compostable - and our clients prefer them. Thanks for spreading goodness Just Water."

Home and Family Counselling

"Just had an online conversation to get the costs and details of the cups – what a great service – so fast. I didn’t know our customer number but she found it for me and gave me the details to purchase. Made my Friday!"

Napier Municipal Theatre

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The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

This blog highlights the health benefits of drinking hot water, particularly during cold weather and flu season. It highlights how hot water promotes digestion by aiding nutrient absorption, alleviating common digestive issues and more! Incorporating hot water into daily routines for its therapeutic and comforting benefits, especially in colder months!

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Should You Use Filtered Water When Cooking? 16 Feb 2024

Should You Use Filtered Water When Cooking?

Filtered water may enhance taste, texture, and appearance while removing pollutants and impurities. It can maintain ingredient integrity, protects kitchen equipment, and ensures health and safety by eliminating harmful contaminants.

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Is Fluoride Bad? 07 Feb 2024

Is Fluoride Bad?

This blog navigates the discourse surrounding fluoride in filtered water, debunking misconceptions and highlighting its dental health benefits. It emphasizes adherence to safety standards while showcasing Just Water's filtration process that retains essential minerals, including fluoride. By comparing filtration methods, it advocates for informed water consumption choices, promoting a balanced approach to health and hydration.

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Founder and CEO of Just Life Group

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