You're on your way to a healthier home with fresh cool water! Why not make your home even healthier?

Other healthy home solutions

Have a look at what healthy home solutions our sister companies provide!

Unovent ventilation solutions

How important is a good home ventilation system in NZ? So many Kiwi homes are damp and cold, with mould growing on the walls and windows streaming with moisture. It’s so unhealthy and can even damage your home - and lead to increased heating costs. Unovent's Xgen uses positive pressure ventilation giving you clean, filtered fresh dry air, creating a healthy environment to live in.

Solatube natural lighting solutions

For thousands of years, we've woken up and gone to bed with the sun. We see the light creep over the horizon, stretch and know it's going to be a good day. You can get that feeling every morning by letting more of this natural, beautiful light into your living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and hallways.

Whether you have small rooms that are in desperate need of natural light, or you want to brighten up large open plan living areas, there is a Solatube skylight for you.

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