Boiling units to keep your team caffeinated.

Tired of filling and waiting for the kettle for coffee, soup or instant porridge? Get express filtered boiling water for your shared space – perfect for workplace kitchens of all sizes. Each unit is plumbed-in directly to the main water supply for instant boiling water at the turn of a tap.

Just what you can expect

Our units are easy to install by a qualified plumber – no specialist technician needed.

Designed and made in New Zealand with quality materials and craftsmanship, to work well for at least 20 years.

Ecoboil boiling units are made from 100% recyclable materials and replaceable parts, reducing waste to landfill.

Our boiling units are cost-effective and simple to service, saving you money.

Our range of boiling units

Hot coffee (and more) in an instant.

Ecoboil Express - Underbench Boiling Unit

Designed to save you space and provide filtered, boiling water when you need it. The Ecoboil Express can also be configured to give you chilled, hot or ambient water.

Capacity: 2.5 litres
Office size: 10-15 people
Serves (at a time): up to 20 cups Up to 40 cups

Capacity: 5 litres
Office size: up to 40 people
Serves (at a time): up to 40 cups

EcoBoil Fusion – Boiling & Chilled Water

Installed under your bench, our deluxe water solution supplies instant boiling or chilled filtered water from a single, sleek tap.

Capacity: 5 litres
Office size: up to 40 people
Serves (at a time): up to 40 cups

Ecoboil Rapid Overbench Boil Units

This slimline wall-mounted range comes in six sizes from 2.5 to 25 litres, to serve 12-125 people. Its unique inlet system features a flow restrictor, giving you instant boiling water every time.

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